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We are the Service Employees International Union, an organization of 2-million members Internationally, of which 7,400 reside in Colorado. SEIU is united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the value of the services they provide. We are united and dedicated to improving the lives of working families and creating a more just and humane society.

Local 105’s offices are located at: Justice for All Building, 2525 W Alameda Avenue, Denver, CO 80219 (map) and 14707 E 2nd Ave , Aurora, CO 80011 (map)

If you need immediate assistance, please call SEIU Local 105 at (303) 698-7963 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Executive Staff
Ron Ruggiero President (303) 727-8047
Deborah Cardenas Executive Assistant to President (303) 727-8004
Claudia Cervantes Confidential Assistant  (303) 727-8091
Lauren Martens Director, Colorado State Councils (303) 727-8005



Political Team
Andy Jacob Political Director (303) 727-8020

Xiomara Sanchez


Strategic Partnerships Organizer

(303) 727-8024


Internal Healthcare Team 
Sun Strait Healthcare Director (303) 727-8022
Colleen Johnston Healthcare Organizer 303-547-0712
DeQuan Mack Healthcare Organizer (303) 727-8026
Sofia Solano  Healthcare Organizer (720) 292-6054
External Healthcare Team
Stephanie Felix-Sowy External Healthcare Organizing Director (303) 588-4318
Steve Gutierrez External Lead Organizer (303) 588-8295
Melissa Benjamin  External Organizer  (303) 727-8006
Internal Property Services Team
Christine Alonzo  Internal Property Services Director (303) 727-8019
Jesus M. Cervantes
Internal Organizer (303) 727-8098
Marcos Duran Internal Organizer (303) 727-8021
Sergio Jaramillo Lead Organizer (303) 727-8016
Jesus Alaniz  Internal Organizer (720) 3820-8066
 Tia White  Lead Organizer  (303) 727-8027


External Property Services Team

JulieAnna Gonzales  Property Services Organizing Director (303) 619-0856
Aden Redai External Lead Organizer (303) 727-8067
Fadzei Semwayo External Organizer (303) 727-8065
Andrew Carillo Lead Organizer (303)727-8064
Strategic Campaign & Research
Luis Ponce Strategic Campaign & Research Coordinator (720) 276-3469
Jessica Ehinger Director of Administration & Finance (303) 727-8037
Patricia Carrera  Bookkeeper (303) 727-8011
Orlhay Castillo Financial Assistant (303) 727-8009
Maria S. Herrera Financial Administrator (303) 727-8010
Luis Sanchez  Financial Specialist (303) 727-8025
IT Administrator/Admin Staff 
Carey Martinez  IT Administrator (303) 727-8008
Harry Truong Data Analyst 4 (303)727-8003
Rosa Herrera   Administrative Assistant (303) 727-8089
Lupe Herrerra Janitor
Juan Montana MLA Director (303) 727-8048
Carl Grimes Organizational Equity and Inclusion Organizer


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