KP Update: $5 Billion in Profits



Kaiser can’t hide its greed. After telling Colorado frontline workers that all they are worth is a 1% raise, over the weekend, Kaiser just reported $2 billion MORE in profits for 2019. They’ve made more — $5.2 Billion — in only 6 months than they have ever made in an entire year!

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 10.47.50 AM

For a “not-for-profit,” Kaiser is flush with revenue. Then why do they keep telling caregivers they are paid too much and need to accept lower raises and pay for our healthcare?


Over the past two weeks, our coalition sisters and brothers at United Healthcare Workers West in California have been voting whether to go on strike for quality patient care. The results were an overwhelming 98% of Kaiser workers voting YES to go on strike if necessary! 


SEIU 105 strike authorization votes will begin the week of August 26th and proceed into early September. Stay tuned for voting times and locations and more information! If you haven’t yet signed a Strike Pledge contact your stewards or organizers for more information by clicking this link.


Q: Is it the union that isn’t negotiating, or is it Kaiser?

A: The union will always work towards an agreement with management. The union bargaining committee is currently waiting for management to respond to the request for future bargaining dates–which the Coalition of Unions made several weeks ago. It’s important to remember that management illegally refused to bargain with our members for over a year before finally coming to the table in April and has not bargained in good faith since.

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