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About the Property Services Division

Property Services workers are janitors, security officers, maintenance and custodial workers, stadium and arena workers, window cleaners, and other workers who provide important services.

Local 105 currently represents more than 3,000 janitorial workers throughout the metro Denver area employed by 22 different janitorial contractors, as well as 700 workers at Denver International Airport and 400 workers in laundry facilities.

With SEIU, janitors and security workers have won major wage gains, full employer-paid family health insurance, full-time work opportunities, training programs, and protections from unlawful employers.

In the midst of the rapid consolidation, globalization, and expansion of the property services industry, workers are joining together to ensure these growing industries provide good jobs with health care and a future.

Día de Justicia para los Janitors/Justice for Janitors Day, June 18, 2015

SEIU is the largest and fastest growing property services union in the United States.

We join SEIU to:

  • Win improvements and respect in our profession.
  • Secure living wages, affordable family health insurance, and other benefits.
  • Speak out on behalf of those who use janitorial and security services.
  • Have a voice in decisions that affect us wherever we work.


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