Workers today face unprecedented attacks.  From the outsourcing of jobs, to tax breaks for the super rich, ever rising health care costs, and the systematic stripping away of workers right to organize and bargain collectively, we know we have to fight back against these coordinated attacks.

By deeply engaging in the political process and mobilizing behind pro-worker candidates, we can protect the middle class and change the course of our country.  We must make politics work for working families again.  We do this by going out and winning elections for pro-working family candidates, but also by building a movement of workers united to change the direction of this country.  Together we can:

  • Move away from hate-filled rhetoric to real solutions.
  • Move away from debates about how much larger the tax giveaways should be for millionaires to how we create good jobs that help working families thrive.
  • Move towards a fair system that ensures corporations pay their fair share to support our communities.

But, we can’t do it without you.  Join the movement to make politics work for working families!

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