Vote for Your 2021 MHCD Bargaining Team

How to Cast Your Vote

In order to cast a vote, you have to be a member of your union. Fee Payer/Non-members cannot vote. Ballots cast by a non-member/fee payer will not be counted. If you are uncertain about your status as a member or non-member/fee payer, please contact your organizer, Keith Ohler (kohler@seiu105.org 720-296-9480) and ask what your status is. If you are currently a non-member/fee payer and want to become a member, your organizer can tell you how to change your status.

In order to ensure that all votes cast are from eligible members, the ballot itself will ask you for your email address. Please ONLY USE your MHCD work email address as that can be used as a unique identifier to ensure your eligibility. Any ballot cast with an email other than an MHCD email will not be counted. You will also receive an email confirmation to that email after your vote to ensure that the vote case was cast by you. Please contact your organizer if you do not receive a confirmation or if you receive a confirmation for a vote you do not believe you cast.

The ballot itself is structured into brackets. Each bracket is a grouping of different job categories based on pay. Each bracket roughly reflects an equal number of workers at MHCD. Candidates are running in their respective bracket. Each member at MHCD may vote in each bracket. Brackets with three or more candidates use a rank choice voting system. Candidates with two brackets use a winner take all voting system.

  • Ranked Choice Voting – “Ranked choice voting” is a system in which multiple candidates are ranked by the voter in order of most preferred to least preferred. Ballots are then collected and counted. If upon the first counting a single candidate has achieved 50%+1 of all votes cast, they are automatically the winner. If no candidate upon first counting achieves 50%+1 then the candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated and everyone who picked that candidate as their first pick has their second pick vote distributed to the respective candidate. The process continues until a candidate achieves 50%+1 votes. This process ensures that the candidate ultimately elected has an overall approval from a wide range of voters. This system also is a fairer way to vote in an election with more than two candidates.
  • Winner Take All Voting – Winner take all voting is a system in which voters cast a vote for only the most preferred candidate. In “winner take all” the candidate with the most votes wins. This system is appropriate for races with only two candidates.

Meet the Candidates

Bracket A

Diana Walbrun

I’m honored to be nominated. I’m first generation and have been vocal for female rights and advocated for fair pay before. I want ALL of Your voices heard and willing to fight for what you and I deserve: a safe and supportive work environment for actual work/ life balance.

Jenn Hermon

I feel even though I have been at MHCD for a little time, I would be a good candidate for the position.  I have participated in union activities since I was young. I am dedicated to fair pay for my colleagues and for myself, and I believe to get a fair democratic society, we need to all be invested in our future.  All voices and ideas have a right to be heard. I believe we are stronger as a group, than we are as individuals.

Courtney Gan

I’ve worked for MHCD for 3 years starting as a HITT/CTT case manager, and now as a financial advisor for PFS. I have become a part of the training team for PFS and collaborate with 2succeed on classes geared towards managing money. My time at MHCD has been spent networking between the different departments and using that to serve the people in services. Being a part of the union, I hope to represent those aspects of MHCD that are often overlooked and bring the needs of the different departments to the bargaining process.

Anna Gonzales

Anna received texts, calls, and emails when she was nominated by a coworker to run for the bargaining committee. Anna did not respond to accept or decline her nomination, therefore she was placed on the ballot to ensure the democratic process. Anna received texts, calls, and emails asking her to provide a bio for this ballot. Anna did not respond to provide a bio for this ballot.

Bracket B

Emily Litt

Emily Litt has been a Clinical Case Manager I for over 3 years at MHCD. She is an active union member & member of the Communication Action Team with SEIU. Emily values advocacy, practicality, &  equitable representation of MHCD’s staff needs (whether they are able to be full dues paying members or not). She prides herself on using collaborative, constructive, & firm communication skills in the workplace.

Mark Smith

Clinical case manager born and raised in South Florida. I believe in the rights of all human beings and demand the respect of the working class. I don’t believe humans were born into this world to spend such a large portion of our lives providing labor for capitalists but since we have to, I will damn well fight for the rates and wages for those you’re forced to do so. Fair wages for fair work.

Bracket C

Jade Werner

While at MHCD I have been active in OUR Union. I have been an active leader, a CAT, a Steward, worked to organize workers, and participated in past bargaining sessions. I go into bargaining with a bigger picture and goal of increasing the overall ability for all of us to care for ourselves and families. I will fight for workers rights and the ability for all workers to meet their basic needs through  benefits and  fair predictable wages.

Jeremy Fuerte

Jeremy started working as a case manager in adult recovery services in February. Prior to joining MHCD, he worked as a youth therapist, was a policy analyst for Senator James Coleman, and has volunteered for Minds Matter Colorado the past three years. In his spare time he enjoys listening to records and going to see live shows.

Bracket D

Allen Halko

I’ve been with MHCD since 2014. I work in nursing at the Wellshire Clinic, but worked at the RC and several other clinics. I’ve been on the bargaining team three times previously. I am a  firm believer in our union and I want to represent YOU during this bargaining session.

Lauren Ciovacco

Lauren Ciovacco, LPC is a CoResponder on the Crisis Intervention Response Unit. Through years of working with folks experiencing crisis, Lauren has learned how to negotiate as if lives have depended on it because in many cases they did. Lauren hopes to bring his firm voice, steady presence, intuition and emotional intelligence to the bargaining committee to ensure MHCD employees are delivered the wages they deserve.

Bracket E

Julie Werner

The past year has been incredibly difficult both for staff and clients, and the additional stress of a contentious union bargaining session left many of us feeling undervalued and not listened to. I am passionate about ensuring that all MHCD employees are treated fairly and with respect and believe that job benefits and compensation are necessary to continue providing the quality services that we are known for. I have been a therapist on the Child and Family Intensive Treatment Team, Homebased, for 3 years, and I love the work that I do and the people I work with. I am hopeful going into this bargaining session that staff and management can align and mend the hurt from the past year.

Alison Dozier

Hey y’all, I have been with MHCD for 8 years. I have worked as a bilingual outpatient therapist and am currently an LPC on the Child & Family Access Team. I participated in bargaining during a previous cycle a few years ago. I am passionate about advocating for members’ needs and concerns and am happy to support this year’s bargaining team if I can be helpful.

Isabel Moses

I’ve been a bilingual therapist on the Child and Family Outpatient team for three, almost four, years. I have a background in social work and often support individuals to advocate for themselves. As a union member, I believe that our voice is stronger when we come together in advocacy.