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Action Alerts

Call (833) 733-0867 & Tell Governor Polis to Sign HB24-1260

This weekend, the Worker Freedom Act, a bill that would give workers the right to REFUSE to attend mandatory political or religious meetings at work, passed the Colorado Legislature! 

This landmark bill is now heading to Governor Polis’ desk, and if he signs it, it will greatly level the power balance between workers and bad bosses. We’re so close to making history, and we have to call the Governor and urge him to sign this bill!

Local 105 in the News

Mental Healthcare Workers Vote to Unionize!

Workers at Mental Health Partners’ Walk-in Clinic and crisis center in Boulder have announce their intent to unionize with SEIU Local 105. MHP workers are a lifeline for so many in our community, and we’re standing with you in your fight for safer working conditions and better services for all.

Worker Freedom Act would create fairer organizing conditions in Colorado.

Read the story of an early childhood teacher and her experience attending coercive mandatory captive audience meetings during a unionization campaign. This is one of many stories in Colorado and is why we have fought so hard for the Worker Freedom Act to become law. Now, it’s up to Polis to protect Colorado’s Workers! Call (833) 733-0867 & Tell Governor Polis to Sign HB24-1260

The SEIU International Convention is May 19 – 22, 2024, in Philadelphia, PA

The 2024 SEIU International Convention will be a historic gathering of America’s service workforce as we enter into the 2024 Presidential Election. SEIU members from across the country will congregate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to debate and vote on the convention resolutions that will guide our Union’s work over the next 4 years.

Happy Mother's Day from SEIU Local 105!

We are celebrating all the incredible mothers who uplift and inspire us every day. Your love, strength, and resilience make our communities stronger. Thank you for all that you do!

በዓሉን ለምታከብሩ ኢትዮጵያውያን፤ መልካም የስቅለት እና የትንሣኤ በዓል ይሁንላችሁ።

To all Ethiopian Christians celebrating, Happy Good Friday and Ethiopian Easter! 

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Political Updates

Worker Freedom Act

The Colorado State Legislature PASSED the Worker Freedom Act! This groundbreaking legislation aims to provide workers with robust workplace protections by giving workers the right to refuse to attend employer-mandated meetings on religious or political matters.


Now it’s time for Governor Polis to sign HB24-1260 into law and protect our freedoms by ensuring that workers are safe from discipline and retaliation, simply for making their voices heard!

Every story matters! Governor Polis needs to hear from you so we can get this bill signed into law! Call  (833) 733-0867 and urge Polis to sign HB24-1260!

What is COPE?

Want to learn more about how to get involved in our union political program?Get an introduction to our Committee On Political Education (COPE), the best way to get involved and make political change in your community Meeting info.3rd Saturday of the month 11AM – 12PM

Use this link to register for the virtual meeting: http://bit.ly/whatisCOPE

Candidate Endorsements

We’ve released our first round of candidate endorsements for this fall after our extensive, member-led endorsement process! ​​We’ve seen year after year how our action at the ballot box directly improves conditions for workers across Colorado, and this year, we have a chance to win big again! Stay tuned for more opportunities to help get these folks elected! Every one of these candidates have signed on to SEIU Colorado’s Platform for Working People, click here to learn more https://seiucolorado.org/the-platform/

Internal Healthcare Updates

Coalition of KP Unions

Our Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions has released a documentary detailing our historic strike last year.  Relive the moments of our 2023 Contract Campaign when we made history and watch this video featuring SEIU Local 105’s very own, Justice Wilson!


Check it out below!



As we continue to navigate the merger between WellPower and Jefferson Center for Mental Health, WellPower members are staying in contact with worker at both companies.  Last month, members at WellPower hosted a meet and greet with workers from JCMH to discuss, collaborate, & learn more about their upcoming merger.

We’re dedicated to fostering a strong partnership with workers at JCMH to guarantee top-notch care for our communities.


Check out the photos below!


Please use our form at this link to let us know if you have any questions about the merger or know anyone at JCMH!


Do you know anyone who works at Jefferson Center (JCMH), a mental health provider on the Front Range? If so, please put us in touch!

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

Our healthcare heroes at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains have started bargaining for a new contract. It’s no secret that their very ability to work in their field has been under attack, so we’re urging everyone to be on the lookout for actions and ways to stand with these workers who provide essential care to our communities across the Mountain West.

Urban Peak

Last year, workers at Urban Peak, a shelter for unhoused youth in Denver, made history by becoming the first group of workers at a shelter for the unhoused in Colorado to form a union. Now, they’re currently negotiating their contract and fighting hard to win the wages, benefits, and working conditions they need to stay in their jobs and provide essential services to our community. Please stand with these workers and be ready to join any actions that are needed to FIGHT and WIN a strong contract!

Internal Property Services Updates

Master Contract

As Denver’s downtown janitors prepare for the historic 2024 master contract campaign, we’re already holding weekly member meetings at all of our buildings, completing bargaining surveys, and building our UNION POWER for the fight ahead.


On Saturday May 18th we are holding our second Concilio (member meeting) of the year to discuss priorities and ways for members to get involved in building power for this fight. Stay tuned for an invite to RSVP!

New Wage Theft Protections

Janitors from across the city joined the Denver City Council today as they voted to pass greater protections against wage theft in our city!

City Council unanimously passed a bill granting subpoena power to the Denver Auditor’s Office, which will allow staff to more aggressively go after wage theft.
We are proud to stand with the Auditors Office, Denver Labor, and our labor family to win this important victory for workers in our community!
Check out the photos from the press conference below!



To better inform fellow members (and provide some laughs), worker leaders from our janitors recently took part in a project to film informational telenovela style videos to highlight important provisions from their contract. Take a second to watch one of our favorites, highlighting vacation time!

External Healthcare Updates

Direct Care Workforce Stabilization Board

Last year, Colorado’s Direct Care Workers made history by passing the Direct Care Workforce Stabilization Board through our state legislature. For the first time, these Care Workers, the essential workers who provide in-home and direct care to our communities most vulnerable, elderly, and disabled, have a seat at the table in how their industry is run. Now, this board is meeting around the state, and care workers are raising their voice!

Join care workers on the Western Slope on May 17th for another public hearing for the Direct Care Workforce Stabilization Board.


When: Friday, May 17, 2024

Where: Wine Country Inn, 777 Grande River Drive, Palisade, CO 81523

Or click here to join via Zoom and make your voice heard!


Learn more about this historic effort in Colorado’s direct care workforce: https://coloradocareworkersunite.org/

Care Workers Meet with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Care workers from all corners of Colorado recently came together for an informative roundtable, joined by Angela Ramirez and Lily Griego from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


In our fight to ensure everyone has access to top-notch, sustainable care, it’s important that we protect the people who do the work.


Earlier in the April, the Biden-Harris administration has announced new minimum standards for nursing homes, guaranteeing mandated staffing levels and directing a minimum of 80% of Medicaid funds to workers’ salaries. This move ensures care workers receive their fair share and raises the bar for care quality nationwide.


Click here to learn more about the new ruling or check out the photos from the roundtable below!


Mental Health Partners

Workers at Mental Health Partners’ Walk-in Clinic and crisis center in Boulder have announce their intent to unionize with SEIU Local 105. MHP workers are a lifeline for so many in our community, and we’re standing with you in your fight for safer working conditions and better services for all.

Click here to read the story about why theres workers are fighting for a better  MHP.

CCH Workers United

Last month, social workers at Colorado Coalition for the Homeless announced their intent to unionize with SEIU Local 105. These courageous workers, who serve our community every day, are fighting for the ability to provide better services and stay in the jobs they love. Learn more about their effort: https://www.seiu105.org/cch/

External Property Services Updates

Organizing Security Officers

Are you interested in helping our external organizing campaign with security officers across Denver? Security officers keep us safe at work and in our community every day, and we’re fighting hard to help them win with UNION POWER! If you’re interested, please let us know by using our organizing support sign-up form!


Other Organizing Opportunities

Members are working together to make sure more workers are the right of union at work! Are you interested in joining our organizing campaigns? Reach out to a steward and learn how you can support!

Internal Airport Updates

FLIK Bargaining

It’s finally time to bargain a new contract at FLIK! After months of hearing priorities from members and holding bargaining team nominations, our first bargaining dates have been set and our message is clear: WE ARE READY! Airport workers at FLIK are standing united and fighting for higher wages, better benefits, seniority rights, and respect on the job.


Flik members are ready to do whatever it takes to win a strong contract!


Parking Attendants

Parking attendants at Denver International Airport are currently fighting for fair wages and healthcare in their new contract. Their employer, LAZ Parking, has consistently shown them disrespect for both their dignity as workers and their contract as a whole. As this fight escalates, please be on the lookout for solidarity actions and ways to stand with the essential workers who keep our airport running!