Colorado Coalition for the Homeless United

Five Point Platform for a better CCH:

Livable Wage for all CCH Workers

Ensuring that every worker at CCH is paid a livable wage means less turnover and a better commitment to our clients.

Safe & Adequate Staffing Levels

High turnover and shifting case loads limits our ability to provide the best possible care to our clients. Making sure that we are safe makes for a better CCH for everyone.

Bargaining Power over Hours, Benefits, and Working Conditions

A union brings a collective voice to workers at CCH. We are the experts in our fields and we are fighting for the ability to have a seat at the table.

Transparency over Priorities, Funding, and Grants

We are fighting for more transparency in how State funds are spent. As the frontline staff, we understand the on-the-ground operations best and it is critical for clients that we understand how funds are spent.

Respect for Ourselves & Our Clients

Respect and Dignity are the baseline requirements for a better CCH. When workers see the respect, clients are better suited to receive the care they need.

About CCH United

CCH United is fighting for better working and living conditions at CCH to improve the lives of those we serve. In order to provide the best possible services to the unhoused, workers need to have a voice in the decisions that affect CCH. From high case loads to transparency issues from management, we understand that now is the time to create a CCH that works for everyone. 

By forming a union, we are fighting for the respect and dignity we deserve as front line staff. We are dedicated to building a diverse and democratic union that centers the needs of workers and clients alike.