✅ Raising Denver’s Minimum Wage For All Workers

Mayor Hancock and SEIU Local 105 members at the minimum wage signing.

SEIU Local 105 janitors, healthcare, and airport workers across our city celebrated with community allies, and Denver City Council members the signing of a city-wide raise for all workers!

From the Denver Post, “The new law requires employers to bump hourly employees to at least $12.85 on Jan. 1, with a second raise to $14.77 following at the start of 2021, and a third to $15.87 in 2022. After that, the new law mandates that it will then be adjusted annually for inflation using the Consumer Price Index.”

“Public comment was overwhelmingly, if not entirely, in favor of the law, which places Denver as the first Colorado city to raise the local minimum wage. Ultimately, the council voted 11-0.”

✅ Fight for $15 for Denver Airport workers.
✅ Fight for $15 for all Denver workers.
✅ Keep fighting for fair wages and the basic freedom for all workers to join unions in 2020 and beyond.

#UnionsForAll #RaisetheWage #Fightfor15