Ron’s Rundown: Teaching Billionaire Bullies A Lesson

The true character of a person is revealed when they are under crisis. When subjected to extreme stress, the veneer is stripped away, and that person’s core comes out for all the world to see. The same is true for organizations and countries. It’s also true for groups and classes of people. So, what are […]

Ron’s Rundown: Silencing Healthcare Workers Hurts Us All

There is another epidemic growing right alongside the Coronavirus Pandemic. There is an epidemic of healthcare workers being muzzled by their bosses when they try to speak out about their concerns about unsafe practices at work that expose workers and patients to the coronavirus.  Let me say that more plainly: bosses are silencing their doctors […]

Ron’s Rundown: Jeff Bezos is scared.

That’s the lesson for workers here. Chris Smalls made Jeff Bezos worried about what he and his co-workers were going to do. And, you have the exact same power at your workplace if there are changes that need to happen. Learn this. Remember this. Pass it on to your friends, family, and co-workers.

Ron’s Rundown: Everything’s Collapsing Because Everything Was Already Broken

By Ron Ruggiero, President, SEIU Local 105 We are experiencing a total system collapse in America right now. We are only a few weeks into the Coronavirus pandemic, and the economy, our healthcare system, and our national business and political leadership are collapsing before our very eyes. How could this happen so quickly? As progressives […]

2020 Political Survey

As a union, we will be working on many issues that affect our members’ day to day lives, and we want to know the ways that you want to be involved!

28,000 state workers win support of Gov. Polis to collectively bargain

28,000 state workers in Colorado took a huge step forward today with the support of Governor Jared Polis, Senator Leroy Garcia, and Representative Daneya Esgar, HD 46 to pass legislation that would mean workers have the freedom to collectively bargain and fight for better working conditions on the job. #UnionsForALL #COPolitics

Denver Runoff Election Endorsements

SEIU Local 105 candidates won huge victories in SEVEN of our endorsed races! A big CONGRATULATIONS to:  At-Large – Debbie Ortega and Robin Kniech District 4 – Kendra Black District 6 – Paul Kashmann District 7 – Jolon Clark District 11 – Stacie Gilmore Auditor – Tim O’Brien BUT OUR ELECTIONS EFFORTS ARE NOT OVER!  The following six endorsed #UnionsforAll […]

Post-Election wrap up: member volunteers drive electoral victories

In the months leading up to the Nov. 2018 election, SEIU Local 105 members turned out in historic numbers to support candidates who endorsed the Working People’s Platform.  We supported candidates like Jared Polis and Jason Crow, who will fight for working families. SEIU members across Colorado and our partners spent months leading up to the election […]

Coloradans elect a pro-worker majority to state legislature

In a victory for all working people across our state, voters in Colorado elected a pro-worker majority to the state legislature. SEIU Local 105 members helped elect candidates who committed to support the Working People’s Platform, a project which names seven priorities for working families in Colorado: The freedom to form a union without interference or […]

Local 105 members endorse champions of working people

While Colorado’s economy is growing, it’s not benefiting everyone. Despite record corporate profits, most Coloradans, whether white, black, or brown, are making less than they were ten years ago. The cost of living in the state has sky rocketed and rent is rising about six times as quickly as wages. As union members, we’re in […]