💜 2020 SEIU Convention Highlights!

Amid a global pandemic, Service Employees International Union held its 2020 National Convention virtually for the first time in its history. Over 1,500 janitors, airport workers, mental health, healthcare, and security leaders from locals across the country participated in the convention, reigniting our union’s commitment to fighting for racial and economic justice for all.

Here are the important updates from this year’s convention as reported by our local leaders:

Our Union at the National Level

SEIU Local 105 President Ron Ruggiero, was re-elected to another term on the SEIU International Executive Board. SEIU Local 105 has come a long way over the past seven years of Ron’s leadership. As we continue to grow our power politically, in our communities, and at workplaces across our state, we continue to have a strong voice nationally through this recognition.

Patricia Robles, VP of Property Services SEIU Local 105:
“The convention was a great success. We are proud of our President Ron, who received the recognition he deserves for the work he has done for our union members. His dedication has Colorado once again represented at the national level.”

Yuliana Guerrera, Denver Janitor: 
“For my first union convention, it was a really great experience. It made me very proud to be a member of Local 105, and I hope I am invited to the next one. I learned a lot about my union, and I’m ready to continue building together.”

SEIU is committed to Racial Justice

Delegates at the 27th SEIU Quadrennial Convention also resolved to continue our fight to build power & win justice during these uncertain times. SEIU members from all walks of life committed to the following united vision.

Patricia Johnson-Gibson Quote, VP of Healthcare SEIU Local 105:

“Our recommitment to fighting for racial and economic justice as a union was a moving moment for me at this year’s convention. SEIU continues to do what it takes to fight for its members, especially during these trying times in our nation’s history. 

With the reelection of SEIU President Mary Kay Henry and Ron Ruggiero to the SEIU International Executive Board, I feel supported and honored to have leaders at every level who are ready to continue fighting for us. We never quit. I left convention whole, rewarded, and empowered not to stop fighting and ready to show everyone that united, we continue to have a lot of fight in us.”