2022 Democratic Primary Endorsements

Leading up to elections, our union takes the time to interview and review candidates for elected office and endorse those who show that they understand, and will take on, the issues that working families face every day.

After an extensive interview and discussion process by the members of your COPE Committee and Executive Board, we’re excited to announce that we have our slate of endorsements for the Democratic Primary Elections on June 28th!

Your union has endorsed:

  • Elisabeth Epps for Colorado House District 6
  • Mischa Smith for Colorado House District 17
  • Jenny Willford for Colorado House District 34
  • Mandy Lindsay for Colorado House District 42
  • Elizabeth Velasco for Colorado House District 57
  • Yolanda Avila for Colorado Senate District 11

We’re urging all of our members to get out and vote for our endorsed candidates, but that’s just the beginning! Now that we have endorsements, it’s time for us to come together, just like we have in the past, to elect champions for working families. That means getting the word out and making sure others get out to to vote, too!

From minimum wage increases to protections for our jobs, some of our biggest victories have happened with the help of our worker champions in office. That’s why we have opportunities to help get them elected EVERY WEEK! Whether you’re comfortable on the phone or knocking on doors, we’ll have an opportunity for you to join your fellow members. If you’re new, this is a great opportunity to learn, meet other Local 105 members, and make a difference in our community. Use the button above to see and sign up for all of the upcoming opportunities to elect these worker champions.

This year, we decide! Turn in your ballots by June 28th!