Coloradans elect a pro-worker majority to state legislature

In a victory for all working people across our state, voters in Colorado elected a pro-worker majority to the state legislature.

SEIU Local 105 members helped elect candidates who committed to support the Working People’s Platform, a project which names seven priorities for working families in Colorado:

  • The freedom to form a union without interference or fear of retaliation
  • Higher Wages
  • Racial Justice
  • Immigrant Justice
  • Affordable, Quality Health Care
  • Affordable Housing
  • A Clean Environment

But it was YOU, the members who worked tirelessly this election season and volunteered hundreds of hours to educate Coloradans and Get Out The Vote for champions of working people. 

SEIU Local 105 members completed over 1100 shifts (that’s more than 4,000 hours!), made over 60,000 calls and door knocks, and talked to nearly 10,000 voters, many of whom were first time or infrequent voters.

We also contributed monetarily to candidates and issue committees to ensure that Colorado elects legislators who understand that unions are the vehicle to a prosperous middle class.

Our families, whether black, brown, or white, are struggling. We can’t save for retirement, college for our kids, or unexpected healthcare expenses. But last night we elected legislators to understand we need a way to take care of our families without jeopardizing our employment, a secure retirement that doesn’t mean figuring out which bills we can skip this month, college that’s affordable and accessible, and the right to form a union without the worry of retaliation.


Below is a complete list of endorsed candidates who were elected and positions that passed:

Ballot issues:

Statewide races:

Federal races:

Colorado Senate Districts:

Colorado House Districts: