Local 105 members endorse champions of working people

While Colorado’s economy is growing, it’s not benefiting everyone. Despite record corporate profits, most Coloradans, whether white, black, or brown, are making less than they were ten years ago. The cost of living in the state has sky rocketed and rent is rising about six times as quickly as wages.

As union members, we’re in the powerful position to shape how workers across all industries are treated and the opportunities they are provided.

volunteer-2018We stand united with the movement for economic and racial justice by fighting for fair wages, access to healthcare, immigration reform, and the right to unionize. One of the best ways for us to support these priorities is to elect leaders that we believe are committed to fight for all of us each and every day.

This election, there are many candidates who will stand up to make sure that Colorado’s economy works for everyone.

These candidates understand how to fight against income inequality, raise wages for average people, and help us keep up with the cost of living. These candidates are committed to the ideal that unions are the backbone of our society and democracy and are committed to creating the path for workers to achieve the American Dream. That is why we are proud to endorse the following leaders and initiatives:

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