SEIU Local 105 Endorses Candidates for Denver Municipal Elections

SEIU Local 105 Endorses Candidates for Denver Municipal Elections

Denverites demand bold leadership on City’s Major Challenges for Working People

DENVER – Today SEIU Local 105 announced their endorsements for Denver Municipal Elections, including City Council, Clerk/Recorder and Auditor. All endorsed candidates participated in a new member led endorsement process. “It was exciting to be a part of developing this new process at SEIU 105. I had a blast participating and assuming more of a leadership role.  It was a sea of change from what our union has done before,” said Pat Johnson-Gibson, Executive Board Member of SEIU Local 105.

Candidates faced off with one another, by District, to talk about broader community issues and express their leadership and policy ideas to make Denver a city that is for all people and not the wealthy few. Instead of ordinary, labor-specific questions, candidates were asked to respond to questions originated from a People’s Platform which ranged from questions around income inequality, rising rental and housing costs, to police accountability. This marks a different direction SEIU Local 105 is taking to connect more to communities of color, and poor, working, and middle class  people of Denver, to truly enhance the quality of life for everyone.

“Denver is an attractive and vibrant city, but we must address the significant challenges we face for working people to be able to afford to work and live here. This will protect the our unique culture, energy, and diversity. The recent report by Zillow.com that a Denverite would need to earn $35 an hour to afford a median-priced rental highlighted this very issue,” said Ron Ruggiero, President of SEIU 105.

SEIU 105 is planning a deeper engagement in the upcoming City races than it has in the past due to the pressing nature of housing costs and stagnate incomes for working Coloradans.

“The median wage in Colorado is less today than it was in 1985 when adjusted for inflation, so people are under unrelenting pressure to make ends meet.  I’m excited as our union, working with allies, seeks to build a broad base of people committed to support elected officials who provide the bold leadership our city needs on these critical challenges and to hold accountable those who do not after the election,” Ruggiero continued.



SEIU Local 105 has endorsed the following candidates:

  • Deborah Johnson (Clerk and Recorder)
  • Chris Nevitt (Auditor)
  • Susan Shepherd (District 1)
  • Fran Coleman (District 2)
  • Paul Lopez (District 3)
  • Halisi Vinson (District 4)
  • Mary Beth Susman (District 5)
  • Aaron Greco (District 7)
  • Albus Brooks (District 9)
  • Chris Chiari (District 10)
  • Debbie Ortega (At-Large)
  • Robin Kniech (At-Large)