KP Update: Kaiser’s Latest Disrespect

Kaiser’s Disrespect

We’ve all seen over the past year and a half how disrespectfully Kaiser has treated us during negotiations. They illegally refused to bargain with us. Then, they completed all scheduled negotiations without ever giving us a written economic proposal. Now, they expect us to bargain over email and telephone calls!  Yes, you heard that right.

The Latest Insult

Late Friday evening, Kaiser emailed a “new” offer to the Coalition and expected a small group of us to bargain with them over it by telephone today (Monday)!  The “new” offer is worse than the previous ones in several areas.

They have also now confirmed in writing that they expect SEIU 105 members to accept a 1% raise in 2019 and are treating CO like 3rd class citizens of KP!  

Click here to read the coalition response. 

“Management’s latest “proposal” is a slap in the face to all of us. They now confirmed in writing they expect us to accept a 1% raise, cuts to our benefits and to sell out new employees.

It’s even worse in some areas than what they agreed to with the local Alliance unions! We deserve better.  Enough is enough. All members should sign a Strike Pledge today to send Kaiser a strong message that we are worth more than 1% and that we deserve respect!”

– SEIU Local 105 Kaiser Bargaining Team

7.29.19_Bargaining Team quote

Coalition is Standing Strong

We have sent a written response to KP that makes it clear that we aren’t bargaining over email or telephone. Instead, we have offered to meet in person for real bargaining.  We also reaffirmed our commitment to our goals for this new contract.

Click here for a comparison of the Coalition of Unions Proposal (CKPU) vs. KP’s latest offer.

Our Organizing is Working!

We don’t believe it is a coincidence that this odd and disrespectful behavior by KP is occurring RIGHT BEFORE California workers begin taking strike votes today (Monday). We need to join them in sending KP a strong message that CO deserves respect and good pays raises!

Sign a Strike Vote Pledge today, by contacting one of your stewards or organizers! If you’ve already signed one–now is the time to go and sign up your co-workers.

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