Colorado’s Care Workers Win a Historic Raise!

VICTORY! CO Care Workers Win Historic Raise! The care workers our communities depend on to care for our loved ones have been organizing, speaking out, and fighting for living wages in our industry, AND our voices are being heard. Our legislative leaders have voted in favor of Governor Jared Polis’ budget plan to increase direct care worker’s pay to a minimum of $15/hr starting on January 1st, 2022!

This is a huge victory and an important step forward to securing the respect and dignity care workers in our community deserve. We want to thank Gov. Polis for his leadership, HCPF for their continued commitment to raising standards in this industry, and Joint Budget Committee members Senator Dominick Moreno, Representative Leslie Herod, Senator Chris Hansen, Representative Julie McCluskie, and Senator Bob Rankin for voting in favor of valuing the work our state’s direct care workforce does every day.

Celebrate this important victory and continue the fight by urging our leaders in Congress to pass President Biden’s care plan with the full $400 billion historic investment in care, and giving a union voice to care workers across the country.