Important FAQs Regarding Bargaining & the Coalition


Dear Kaiser members,

We have had many questions over the last couple of days regarding bargaining and things going on with the Coalition Unions and the Alliance Unions. Please read the following FAQ for answers to these questions.


What’s happening with the Partnership and bargaining?

We’ve sent out an update on Tuesday with more information on this topic, however, Kaiser has decided to walk away from the Partnership as we know it. They are refusing to bargain a new national agreement with our coalition of unions.

Why are we hearing that other unions are in bargaining and we are not?

Kaiser has agreed to bargain this year only with those unions whose contracts are expiring this year, and so on for each year that contracts are expiring. Kaiser has also said these bargaining sessions will be open to any other union that would like to attend, but they are only obligated to bargain with the unions whose contracts are expiring.  Please see grid below for the groupings, which can also be found in the national agreement.

Is our Union, Local 105, going away?

No. Regardless of whether or not we are in a partnership or what happens with the Coalition, you still have a union, which is SEIU Local 105, and all the benefits and rights of being in a union.

Do these talks about reductions in force, pauses, freezes, etc. have anything to do with bargaining and the Coalition issues?


I’m upset about Kaiser not bargaining with us, what can I do?

We have many actions planned. Please speak to your steward or your union organizer to take part in upcoming actions.