Kaiser Bargaining Update: CO Workers United!

No matter who you are, the work you do, or where you come from, Coloradans are rising in the fight for better lives.

CLICK, WATCH, AND SHARE our powerful Facebook video below showing teachers, janitors, grocery clerks, homecare workers and Coloradans from all walks of life taking action for better wages, a voice on the job, and standing in solidarity with the thousands of Kaiser members demanding quality care for all.

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We entered the third session of KP bargaining this week with major momentum with members from every local of the coalition rallying to protect our patients and our families in our next contract. We could tell Kaiser executives are getting the message, but they still haven’t committed to backing away from cuts in our next contract…


Cuts to Our Jobs, Wages and Benefits. Kaiser want us to agree to a contract like the one they’ve gotten from other Kaiser workers — a contract with:

  • The lowest raises in decades.
  • Cuts to our benefits, including doubling our healthcare copays and coming after our retirement benefits.
  • Continued outsourcing and automation of our jobs.
  • A “Partnership” where Kaiser has all the power and we’re expected to quietly fall in line.


Our FAIR Share. Kaiser made record profits of $3.2 billion in just the first three months of this year and gave its CEO a 60% raise to $16 million a year. We should win our fair share of Kaiser’s success in our next contract: Strong raises, no changes to any of our benefits, and no more outsourcing of our jobs.

A REAL Partnership. We’re in this fight for more than just ourselves. We’re calling on Kaiser to join with us in tackling the biggest challenges facing patients and the whole healthcare industry. That means working in true Partnership with us to:

  • Ensure every patient gets first-rate, affordable care at Kaiser.
  • Build the workforce of the future by creating educational and training pathways for us to get better jobs at Kaiser — and for our loved ones to get great healthcare jobs too.
  • Use automation and technology smartly so Kaiser doesn’t lose the human touch and compassionate care that has always made us so strong.


Keep up the FIGHT. Clearly, we’re far apart from Kaiser on key issues — and until Kaiser commits to a different path forward, we need to stay active. Prepare to purple up, sticker up, and take action in the coming weeks to send Kaiser a clear message: We Are ALL IN to Win.