Kaiser Update: Our actions win the first round!

One year ago, Kaiser walked away from National Bargaining and canceled all other bargaining dates, and for the last year have refused to come back to the table. During that time we signed petitions, purpled up, activated our political power and held info pickets throughout the state. We also have a pending hearing on the NLRB charges against Kaiser on 4/22.

Well, congratulations, SEIU 105 members! Our unity and actions have worked in forcing KP to come to the table. We’ve won the first round!

KP has agreed to resume bargaining on April 17th – 19th and dropped the new partnership agreement they’ve been trying to force us to sign as a precondition to bargaining. Now, the time has come to show KP what our priorities are at the table:

  • Protecting our healthcare and retirement benefits
  • Showing KP we’re worth more than a 1% increase
  • Protecting against the continued outsourcing of our jobs

In our conversations and Conference Room Events throughout the region, we’ve heard from you that you don’t want Kaiser or anyone else to determine what we’re worth and what we get at the table and that you’re ready to fight for what we deserve. So let’s take the next steps to show KP that we are united and ready to fight.

“I’m proud our members stood firm in our demand for Kaiser to Come to the Table and bargain–with no preconditions,” said Ron Ruggiero, President of SEIU Local 105. “Together, after a year of delay and opposition–our unity, our actions, and the law have brought Kaiser back to bargaining.  Now, we must stay united and active to win the contract we deserve, so we can deliver high-quality care patients need.”

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