200+ KP Members Take Action at ACP

This past Saturday, hundreds of Local 105 members rallied and protested at ACP over KP’s unilateral decision to reduce the PSP to a “thank you bonus”. The energy was extremely high and the message was clear to management – pay us what we earned with a full PSP payout.

While management still hasn’t made up their mind yet and may not even until after the “thank you” is paid, we will continue this fight. We will do more actions and are also pursuing a National Agreement level grievance.

Remember, this is all part of the fight for a full PSP.

@seiu105 💜 We did our part, now it’s time to do yours. 👏 Kaiser, put some respect on our checks. #UnionStrong #healthcareworkers #Colorado ♬ original sound – SEIU Local 105
@seiu105 📣 Hey Kaiser Permanente…this is what happens when you don’t pay healthcare workers what they deserve. #Colorado #UnionStrong ♬ Hold The Line (feat. grandson) – Tom Morello