Kaiser Education Fund


Help us identify the training you need most by providing direct feedback.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of offering programs to upgrade the skills of healthcare employees. During the month of May, KPCO employees will get the opportunity to share their ideas and needs around workforce development, including skills training, ongoing professional support, and career advancement. The goal is to find out, directly from members, the types of training and programs they would like to see developed in the region. 

The Education Fund, in collaboration with Local 105 and KP’s Workforce of the Future, prepared a short survey with questions around training needs and interests. Employees are also asked to identify barriers experienced when trying to advance their career or develop new skills. 

Survey results will be shared with labor and management, as well as key employees such as stewards, UBT leads and co-leads, and Health & Safety Champions. The information gathered will help guide the focus of The Education Fund and the regional Workforce Planning & Development committee in 2020 and beyond. 

Employees will initially receive an e-mail link from The Education Fund on May 11. Most employees will receive it in their kp.org account, unless they have a different address on file. Local 105 will send a second reminder to non-responders two weeks later. Medical Imaging staff will be asked additional questions so The Education Fund can provide additional financial support to employees who completed, or are in the process of completing, modality training. 


The Education Fund is a benefit obtained through the collective bargaining process that exists to provide training and educational opportunities for eligible employees. It is a separate entity whose mission is to: Empower our diverse healthcare workforce to advance in a changing environment through innovative education and training solutions. Our funding comes almost entirely from employer contributions, along with some federal, state, and local grants to our sister organization, the Shirley Ware Education Center (SWEC). Employers are required to pay into the Education Fund through their contracts with your union. The Education Fund does NOT receive union dues money.

For additional questions or feedback, and to schedule an appointment, contact: 

Maria Isabela Aldana, MS, GCDF

Regional Coordinator, Colorado


Text or Call: (303) 330-7436