Kaiser: Enough is enough!

On June 15th, Local 105 members sent a message to Kaiser management that we are standing strong on our demands that they come to the table to bargain with us.

We picketed in front of Kaiser Colorado’s Regional offices for two hours and had great turnout!

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Here’s what we want Kaiser to understand:

  • Bargaining is all about setting and protecting standards. We want a good national agreement, not a quick national agreement. A good national agreement would mean increasing wages, protecting our healthcare benefits, and equity for the ROC regions.
  • We are not interested in signing away our rights and our voice – certainly not with a company that supposedly wants a “speak up” culture. Especially when Kaiser can’t even tell us exactly what rights we would be giving up! This is about our long-term power and signing away our rights means we lose our ability to stand up to Kaiser and hold them accountable for their decisions, especially when they’re not partnering with us.
  • We need to be able to stand up to Kaiser around issues like job security and fight back against the ongoing outsourcing of our jobs, to outside companies and even to new technology.

IP Dakota close upAs a company, Kaiser is more profitable than ever, and our partnership agreement has been in place for 20 years. So why is Kaiser disrespecting over 80,000 union members now?

Kaiser can afford to bargain with us and treat us fairly. Until they do so, are you ready to join your co-workers and continue sending Kaiser strong messages that we’ve had enough disrespect?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is our current National Agreement in place for?
Until September 30, 2018.

Will we still get an increase this year after its expiration?
Yes, we will get 1% on September 30th, and another 2% on October 1st if the National Agreement is not renewed by that time.

What’s protected after the National Agreement expires?

  • Wages
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • PSP Bonus
  • Pension
  • All other major benefits in Section 2 of the National Agreement
  • All union contract rights

We have many more actions planned. To get involved, speak to your steward or call your union organizer at 303-698-7963.