ℹ️ KP 105 Weekly Updates

SEIU Local 105 Members,

We continue to see many issues with payroll this week and are working with Company management on a daily basis to get the most urgent cases addressed.

We are seeing: 

  • Missed hours worked 
  • Sick time not being paid correctly 
  • Incorrect vacation accrual
  • Incorrect tax deductions 

Just to name a few. 

While most people have had their corrections this week, we want to make sure everyone’s issues are being addressed.

If you havent already, please send your case number, along with a description of the problem, and what you have been told so far by the NHRSC.

Further, if you did submit a case and it has been resolved, and you have not notified us of that, please do that now, as we have a meeting next week with the ERLR team early next week.

Please send updates on both ongoing and resolved cases to:

Acarillo@seiu105.org and Jennifer.woods@kp.org.

In Solidarity,

Jennifer Woods, Contract Specialist
Andrew Carillo, Senior Organizer
SEIU Local 105