KP UPDATE: How to keep prescription co-pays low

Across the country, members of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions are united to keep our prescription co-pays from going up. We can achieve this by choosing prescriptions by mail–it’s easier, safer and co-pays are $5, which is cheaper than getting them in person.

3 Simple Ways to Sign Up for Prescriptions by Mail:

VISIT kp.org/pharmacy

CALL 1-888-218-6245

DOWNLOAD KP App from the App Store

In our 2019 National Agreement with Kaiser, members of the Coalition of KP Unions bargained to increase the use of prescriptions by mail to 40% in order to maintain current co-pays.

We have an opportunity to show Kaiser Permanente that when 85,0000 nationwide union members come together, we can reach our common goals. You can receive most medications that you take on a regular basis through the mail, it’s easy to sign up, and prescriptions arrive in 2-5 days with free shipping. Sign up today!