Local 105 members are ‘purpling up’ every Friday!

As we continue our pressure on Kaiser, Local 105 members are ramping things up across the state to let KP’s Program Office show that we are united and we still want them to come to the table to bargain with us.

Single Cars LowryWe know that we are hardworking and resourceful, and on June 29th workers at Rock Creek, Stapleton, Lowry & Meridian found creative ways to beat the heat, while also sending a strong message to Kaiser management.  

Additionally, the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions met with Kaiser representatives this week but we were unable to get any movement on our priorities.

We have met three times with Kaiser leaders over the last few months to reach an agreement.  The Coalition has offered a counter proposal that was balanced—offering new rights and responsibilities within the Partnership for both our unions and Kaiser.  We also have offered a ‘temporary cease fire’ that would get us back to the table for negotiations while addressing Kaiser’s concerns.  Both of these offers have been rejected by Kaiser.

For more information about the negotiations, please click here.

To show our unity here in Colorado, we are “purpling up” every Friday – here are workers at Lowry and Stapleton showing their SEIU pride and solidarity!

And don’t forget, we are still collecting responses to our bargaining survey.

Filling out the survey will only take 2 minutes of your time and will help the bargaining team understand what’s important to you.