PSP Victory!

CONGRATULATIONS, thanks to all the hard work and hundreds if not thousands of conversations you had with your coworkers, YOU WILL BE RECEIVING THE FULL PSP!  YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN! This will be paid out on April 22nd.  It will be the difference between what you received as a “Thank You” bonus and the remaining balance of what you would have received as the Full PSP Bonus!
This victory was only possible because of YOUR ACTION. Hundreds of members took action in-person at Aurora-Centerpoint in one of the biggest KP demonstrations our union has seen in years. You had hundreds of communications and conversations with management at our individual facilities. Your voices and unity made the difference in ensuring KP heard members loud and clear, you do the work every day, you reached your goals, and you fought and won the full PSP! 

As a result of this important victory, the action at Lakewood originally planned for this Saturday, April 2nd has been CANCELLED.  We appreciate Kaiser Permanente for doing the right thing and recognizing everything that you have gone through during this ongoing pandemic.   
When we fight, we win!