KP Bargaining Update: Corporate Greed

Yesterday, Kaiser presented their economic proposals in bargaining. They are outrageous.

Kaiser has money for their CEO to get a 60% pay raise, to $16 million a year. Kaiser has money to build a fancy new 900 million dollar office building in Oakland. But, when it comes to our raises and benefits, they cry poor.

6.19.19_Bargaining Update

Kaiser wants to increase co-pays to $20. They want to divide our membership by proposing lower wage scales, elimination of the pension plan, less time off and cuts to retiree medical for new employees.

They expect us to “buy” our annual wage increases by selling out future employees. As of yet, they have made no proposal on annual wage increases. This is divisive as members doing the same job would have different wages and benefits. Once “two-tier” wages or benefits take hold it’s only a matter of time before they will want to lower everyone’s pay and benefits.

For a company making record profits, there is no reason for this. SEIU 105–and the room full of hundreds of Coalition union members–made it clear that this is 100% unacceptable. 

This is why we need to keep building our unity and showing Kaiser we deserve better. Purple Up on Friday. Sign up as a CAT today to organize your co-workers. Tell your manager you think this is disrespectful to you as a Kaiser employee.

It’s time to stand together!


Over 1,500 KP Local 105 members have purpled up and stickered up at work every Friday, and we have to keep the solidarity going as bargaining continues!

Reminder to mark your calendars on July 13th for a Kaiser Day of Action. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!


At the Monday meeting with mangement this is what was covered:

  • We finished reviewing the questions that came out of the video conference and finalized answers to all the questions. A final draft of the questions and answers will go out to all PC this week.
  • We also had preliminary discussions on the placement process.