KP Strike Update: Strike Deadline Announced

National Strike Deadline Announced

Last week SEIU 105 Colorado caregivers showed they are willing to do what it takes for good jobs, quality patient care, a real Partnership, and respect at KP.

With a 96% YES vote, Colorado joins over 80,000 workers ready to call an unfair labor practice strike if Kaiser management continues to refuse to bargain in good faith.

Today our Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions resumed negotiations with Kaiser management in Los Angeles, but Kaiser still isn’t taking talks seriously. Their positions have not changed and still does NOT:

  • Provide Equity to Regions Outside California (ROC), so still includes only a 1% raise in CO in 2019 and only 2% raises in future years;
  • Provide fair cost of living raises that shares the company’s unprecedented financial success with us–like the 3% & 4% annual raises our Coalition has proposed for ALL Coalition members;
  • Provide any additional protections against outsourcing and subcontracting of our jobs;
  • Restoring the Partnership to one that truly respects workers’ voices and is strategic in its approach.

While Kaiser workers had representatives from all across the country at these negotiations, Kaiser only brought a handful of members of their bargaining team to the table.

Given the lack of movement from Kaiser, our Coalition of union members decided to set a deadline of unified dates for the potential nationwide unfair labor practice strike. The official one-week strike deadline will be on October 14th, if there is not a new National Agreement reached before then.

We hope KP is ready to take our next bargaining session on September 23rd – 24th seriously so that we can reach a strong national agreement for all of us. If not, healthcare workers across the country are ready to strike for respect.

Strike Summit Solidarity 

Over the weekend, hundreds of janitors, airport workers, and caregivers convened for a powerful day of training, storytelling, commemorations, strike preparation and building picket signs.

Throughout the summit, one thing was clear. There is a resounding show of support from across our union for Kaiser workers ready to strike for quality patient care!

Watch and share the powerful strike solidarity video above showing that across race, gender, nationality, and professions our union is UNITED in supporting each others struggles. Also, check out these inspiring photosfrom the 2019 Strike Summit below.

Colorado Kaiser Strike News


Q: Will Kaiser take away my healthcare if I’m on strike?

A: No. A strike will not free Kaiser of its responsibility to pay your healthcare premiums.