KP Strike Vote Update: It’s Our Turn

Our over 80,000 KP member strong coalition is fired up all across the country. Just last week, 98% of California Kaiser members voted YES to strike if necessary. This week, our coalition partners SEIU Local 49 in Oregon and SW Washington are casting their votes.

It’s our turn Colorado!


Starting this Monday, August 26th, voting stations will be open at Kaiser facilities across the state. Every KP site will have their specific date, time, and location to vote. All SEIU Local 105 Kaiser members are encouraged to vote at any of these facilities at the designated times and dates. 

Download our printable calendar below or click here to visit our seiu105kp.com website for an online version.

8.30.19_Strike Vote Calendar

For more information, contact your stewards or organizers by clicking on this link.

KAISER STRIKE VOTER GUIDE: 3 Resources Before You Vote

RESOURCE 1: Cut through management’s disinformation with the FACTS. Download our printable Kaiser Strike Fact Sheet below by clicking on this link.

RESOURCE 2: As you walk in to vote YES, remember what’s at stake. Download and print the last official bargaining proposal breakdown by clicking here.

RESOURCE 3: Answer all of your burning questions about going on strike. Download and print our latest Kaiser Strike Q&A by clicking here.

Kaiser wants to silence us.

In California, Kaiser purposely shut down cafeterias at specific buildings to interfere with strike votes, but that didn’t stop caregivers from having their votes and voices heard.

We can expect the same types of divisive tactics from management here in Colorado, but workers are ready to stand up to Kaiser’s Unfair Labor Practices and strike for quality patient care and a strong contract.

Show your power by changing your social media profile to the downloadable graphic below, and be sure to keep purpling up and stay #strikeready all the way to the ballot box!



Q: Are we in this alone?

A: No. Along with our 85,000 member strong national coalition, AFL-CIO representing 180 local unions and 130,000 members across Colorado, voted in June to stand with us when we strike. Colorado’s labor movement, local elected officials and community groups are united in our fight.