KP Update: 8,000 Dollars An Hour

(To read our last bargaining update click on this link.)

We are just one week away from our next bargaining session with Kaiser Permanente starting June 18th-20th, in Los Angeles, and your Colorado KP coworkers are fired up to demand quality patient care and better working conditions for all.

6.10.19_KP Darion QUOTE


Our FAIR Share. Kaiser made record profits of $3.2 billion in just the first three months of this year and gave its CEO a 60% raise to $16 million a year. That’s 8,000 dollars an hour! We should win our fair share of Kaiser’s success in our next contract: Strong raises, no changes to any of our benefits, and no more outsourcing of our jobs.


A REAL Partnership. We’re in this fight for more than just ourselves. We’re calling on Kaiser to join with us in tackling the biggest challenges facing patients and the whole healthcare industry. That means working in true Partnership with us to:

  • Ensure every patient gets first-rate, affordable care at Kaiser.
  • Build the workforce of the future by creating educational and training pathways for us to get better jobs at Kaiser — and for our loved ones to get great healthcare jobs too.
  • Use automation and technology smartly so Kaiser doesn’t lose the human touch and compassionate care that has always made us so strong.


Over 1,500 KP Local 105 members have purpled up and stickered up at work every Friday, and we have to keep the solidarity as bargaining continues!

Reminder to mark your calendars on July 13th for a Kaiser Day of Action. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!


Last week we met with management and here’s what we worked on:

  1. Management incorporated our LPN’s feedback into the orientation plan and future trainings, and we began to develop an approach to training to get everyone ready for the reorganization.
  2. We reviewed management’s findings from observations they had from shadowing nurse clinics in 6 MOBs from the week of May 27th. Based on their observations, management updated their initial proposals for visit length time on several different visit types.
  3. We reviewed the adjusted LPN visit template.