✅ KP Update: PCO and SCO

Here is your PCO and SCO update! We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions and answered them to clarify a few concerns. Read the following below:

If you’re in OB/GYN:

For the past 6 years, I’ve been at one location, but I’ve also been considered staff assigned to the region. Does seniority go by region or clinic?

Seniority should be considered by clinic first, since management is saying you don’t cover other locations.

But we float by region, so how will that work?

In that case, seniority MAY be by region, we will need to work out a process based on the numbers of staff and FTE that management is looking at.

Are we bidding for positions by building or region? Do you know what that will look like yet?

No, we don’t know what that will look like yet since we don’t have all the numbers from management. We have to look at all of that before we can make a decision on the process. We will send an update once we have the opportunity to look through all the numbers and information.

If you don’t end up having a job at the end of the process, do you go to float pool or do you leave the company?

If there’s no position for you within the department, you can bid on any position that’s open. After you receive your notification letter on Monday 2/3, you’re considered to be in your notification status. A list of open positions gets sent to any employee on the notification status list first before it goes out to the region. The list of open positions will come out as well next week in case you voluntarily choose to leave the department.

Do we know if there are even open positions?

Yes, there are over 200 positions open in the region, and most of them are clinical MA and LPN positions.

Can we get a regional seniority list?

Yes, that will be sent to you along with the notification letter and list of open positions.

They’re not going to reduce our pay, are they?

No, but your FTE might change. So your hourly rate won’t change, but your salary might be lower if you’re working less hours.

Are they still going to allow for education benefits?

Yes. None of those benefits change.

Question on Saturday staffing, is that done by region or by location?

That decision hasn’t been made yet. But we’d argue for float pay and mileage for everyone needing to float to different locations to support Saturday staffing.

Is full-time staff having to work on Saturdays? Would we get extra pay for that?

Yes, and overtime and weekend differentials would apply.

Can you bump someone at a different clinic?

If you’re low man on the totem pole, you would bump first at the location in your classification. So, you could bump the least senior person in your classification in your building. (That would be MAs bumping MAs and LPNs bumping LPNs.) If there’s no one at your facility less senior than you, then you could bump the least senior in the region. But you don’t get to pick locations, so the least senior could be halfway across the state, and you’d have to take that location.

Is there a limit to how many positions I can bid on?


If you’re in General Surgery:

What does placement mean, if we’re already in the department?

For example, if you’re a .8, you have a choice to decide if you want to go up in FTE. If you don’t want to, then you can bump the least senior person in your job class in your building or the least senior in the region. Placement means picking your schedule and location.

Can we keep 4/10s?

We don’t know that yet, that would be a question for management

How does seniority work? Like if you were out on a leave doesn’t it change seniority?

Yes, if you’re out on leave past your allotted time, then you’d subtract a day for each day you’re out past the time you were supposed to be out. When they send out the notification letter, they will also send out the seniority list for the region.

So, is seniority within your team? Or can someone from another location bump me?

No. You only get bumped within your location.

Do we get super seniority?

Yes, that’s what the notification letter will outline.

If you’re under the 1.0 FTE, does that mean you have to change?

Yes, if you want to stay in your job in the clinic, or you can bump least senior in the building or the region or you can look at other position. Or, you can decide to take a Message Management position.

So, there are 2 MM positions that are both .8?


If everyone wants their job, who does the Message Management position?

The jobs will go to first the internally displaced employees, then internal candidates in the region, then external candidates.