Celebrate Justice for Janitors Day 2013


Local 105 members commemorated our annual Justice for Janitors Day Saturday, June 15th at Del Mar Park in Aurora. The Property Services Division kicked off the day with a member meeting or Concilio at our union hall at the Justice for All center. Property service members from Kaiser, the airport and janitors from downtown Denver buildings attended the morning meeting which focused on our staff restructuring, new grievance structure and news about our commonsense immigration reform campaign.

“It was a great meeting. I learned from other janitor members dealing with some of the same workplace issues that we have had at Kaiser,” said Juan Manuel Petraca.

Justice for janitors logo

Following the meeting, members, family and staff headed out to Aurora’s Del Mar Park to celebrate the day with a BBQ. They were joined by other members and staff that had been out in the Aurora community that morning collecting signed postcards to urge Representative Coffman to support Commonsense Immigration Reform this year.

“Its a pleasure to meet other SEIU Local 105 members and celebrate together. We need to get together more often to get to know each other and rejoice,” stated Connie Davis, a Kaiser Permanente member.