7/16 Week Wrap-Up: Justice for Janitors 2021

Bargaining Update

Our bargaining team met with management on Tuesday, and we sent a clear message that we’re expecting a historic contract. We’re in for a tough fight. After a year of the value of janitors being made more clear than ever, they’re already claiming they don’t have the money to pay us what we deserve. To fight this, and the continued cuts in hours and increased workload, we need to remain united for a strong contract! Here are the elected members of our Master Contract bargaining team:

  • Yolanda Urias
  • Patricia Robles
  • Pedro Carillo
  • Veronica Alonso
  • Mirna Morales
  • Juan Montaña
  • Ron Ruggiero

To show our strength on the first day of bargaining, we had more than 50 janitors come out to support our team as they left negotiations on Tuesday morning. This is the kind of strength we need to show, and we’re ready to turn up the heat even more. We’ve been called heroes, and it’s time we’re treated like it!

When we stand together, we’re seen. Check out this coverage of our action in the CTR!

CATs Meeting

On Wednesday, our Communications Action Team (CATs) held a meeting to discuss what’s next for the bargaining committee. The answer was clear for our CATS. Action! We are calling on all janitorial members to continue the fight, talk to your coworkers and become a leader in by becoming a member of the CAT team. To learn more about being a CAT member call the Member Attention Line at 303-727-8066.