7/2 Week Wrap-Up: Justice for Janitors 2021

We had an exciting week in our 2021 Justice for Janitors campaign! Here are the highlights:

CATs Training

On Saturday, janitors on our Communication Action Team (CAT) attended a training at our Denver office. Our CATs are incredibly important, making sure that all of our janitors have the opportunity to be involved in our union and have their voices heard. When we support our CATs, we uplift our whole union.

Downtown Action

On Monday, in response to CCS’ continued cutting of hours around the upcoming holiday, dozens of janitors joined together downtown around the BOK Financial building to demand an end to this disrespectful and greedy practice. When we stand together like this, especially as we begin to negotiate our contract, we show our power and our determination to fight for the wages, benefits, workloads, protections, and respect that we deserve.

Standing Up for Immigration Reform

This week, several of our janitors joined activists from around the country with the Fast for Freedom campaign in Washington, DC to stand up for immigration reform. Denver’s janitors are a majority Latina immigrant women, a fact that is often used by bad contractors to push for offensive wages and working conditions. Fast for Freedom draws attention to our broken immigration system, one that affects many janitors every day, by participating in a national hunger strike. We’re proud that our janitors stood up to be a part of this important fight.