United We Rise: 2014 A Year of Victories

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It’s a new day for our Union family at Service Employees International Union Local 105. The past few years have been difficult ones where we’ve analyzed our mission and strengthened our membership but 2014 saw a changing of the guard and many victories.

Our greatest victory has been working our way out of Trusteeship, elected new Officers and a new Executive Board this past year. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in triumphs we’ve celebrated with our SEIU family in 2014.  We are excited to continue to build towards greater Industry Power, Worksite Power and Political & Community Power with you our members.

Our 2014 Victory Highlights:

 Industry Power

  • Whayne Janitors at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) facility Vote to Unionize with Local 105
  • 35 ABM Janitors at the Airport’s B concourse Vote to Unionize with Local 105

Worksite Power

  • 100 members attended the First Annual Leadership Summit
  • Property Services trained over 60 stewards
  • MHCD completed a very successful bargaining campaign in which our members won total raises ranging from 4.25% to 10.75%. Over 70% of membership saw raises of at least 5% and 1 out of 3 received an additional 0.75% longevity increase for over 5 years of service.
  • Over 30 members at Rocky Mountain Janitorial won over $10,000 in back pay in a class action grievance
  • Kaiser welcomed over 300 more members in 2014, successfully organizing the first residual members at Kaiser in 7 years.
  • Standard Parking members at the airport won raises of at least 3% plus for the first time we created a floor of $0.35 per hour increase in their new Union contract.
  • A Kaiser member at Waterpark II won over $15,000 in back pay for her grievance for supervisor pay
  • HSS Security officer members at DIA won their third raise since organizing with SEIU
  • Translator members at Kaiser won a pay raise
  • Members working at Denver’s Wellington Webb municipal building successfully lobbied and fought back against their employer- NAPS. They won over $19,000 in parking reimbursements and after much work Denver city & county government decided to go with a new contractor.
  • Janitor members working at the NREL facility won $26,000 in back pay , the largest amount won back for members this year
  • An MHCD Steward won her arbitration for unjust termination with full back pay and reinstatement

Political & Community Power

  • Over 50 Member Leaders participated at our Annual Local 105 State Legislative Lobby Day
  • We doubled our Committee for Political Education (COPE) goals for the year at 394 new COPE members at an average of $8.51 per new member
  • Implemented a New Employee Orientation (NEO) program  that averages more than 30% of new members in attendance signing up to contribute to COPE
  • 60 Member leaders attend a 2 day Member Political Organizing training
  • Over 2,000 community members and allies attended strikes & actions in support of the #fightfor15 campaign
  • Throughout the year over 60 Member Leaders came out in support of Fast Food workers in their Fight for $15 and a Union.
  • The Dec. 4th Fight for $14 strike was one of the largest actions calling for economic justice that Denver has seen in years with over 400 people marching for wages that lift our families.
  • Over 100 members participated in knocking on doors, making phone calls and getting out the vote for the November 2014 elections, 27 members did 3 or more shifts.  The program was the most successful member volunteer led political program in years at Local 105.

While we accomplished much in 2014, we still have much to do. Our economy continues to work only for the wealthy few and not for all of us. It would still take the average worker 346 years of working to make what the average CEO in this country makes in one year. Does this seem fair? Only by continuing to build workers’ power will we begin to create a level playing field. One in which all Americans can reach their dream.

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