Organizing Together at DIA

Are you ready to make your union stronger and gather more power to win even HIGHER Wages and BETTER benefits at the airport? Let’s do it together!

Right now, we’re talking to folks at the airport who work for Swissport and Menzies. Their jobs include ramp agents, cabin cleaners, mechanics, fuellers, and many others. They keep the planes flying, and if they vote to join your union, SEIU Local 105 could be almost 1000 MEMBERS STRONGER and have MUCH more power at the bargaining table. With all of us standing together, we’ll make this a better airport for everyone. That’s why we need your help!

Please fill out the form below to be a part of the campaign to grow your union at the airport and give us the power to make our jobs even better.


SEIU’s team of external organizers is working hard everyday to grow your union and build power at DIA. Below you’ll find the names and contact information of your team:

Tewodros Atalay (Lead organizer)
Email: tatalay@seiu105.org
Phone: (720) 308-4450

Jamie Landa
Email: jlanda@seiu105.org
Phone: (720) 404-2708

Marisol Cervantes
Email: mcervantes@seiu105.org
Phone: (303) 618-3765

Sulita Sualau
Email: ssualau@seiu105.org
Phone: (720) 289-3624

Zack Zeimen
Email: zzeimen@seiu105.org
Phone: (720) 468-1451

Hilliard Probasco
Email: hprobasco@seiu105.org
Phone: (720) 276-1053