🚍ℹ️ Enforced Curfew, RTD Bus Routes, and Downtown Building Work Updates

Do you work Downtown? Are you afraid of going to work tonight because of the protests?

Some companies have agreed that you can take an optional unpaid day off or you can use a vacation day companies have agreed to give an optional unpaid day off or for you to use a vacation day.


– You should call your supervisor as soon as possible if you are not going to go to work.

– This only applies to buildings located in the center and Zone 1.

Read below are the companies and how they have responded to the situation. If you have any further questions please contact the MRC member assistance line at (303) 727 – 8066.

Companies that have agreed:

  • ABM – Agreed throughout this week
  • Able – Agreed throughout this week 
  • COA – Agreed for the duration of the curfew. Note: indicated that Denver Energy Center is closed. 
  • CCS – Agreed throughout this week
  • Integrated – Agreed throughout this week  
  • Master Klean – Agreed throughout this week 
  • Metro Building Services – Agreed for the duration of the curfew. Note: employees requested to continue working but leaving early. 
  • RMJ – Agreed throughout this week 
  • Roth – Agreed throughout this week  
  • System 1 – Agreed for the duration of the curfew.
  • SBM  – Agreed for the duration of the curfew. Note: they will also approve it for their buildings outside of DT and zone 1. 

Companies that didn’t respond:

  • Quality –  did not respond to our calls.
  • Metropolitan – did not agree, they explained that if someone requests it, they will consider it.
  • Kleen Tech – Did not agree, call Mission Control at 866-385-0672 two hours prior to the start of your shift if you are having problems making it to work.

*If you work for the following contractors who don’t have downtown buildings, you MUST report to work:

  • C&W
  • GCA
  • ISS
  • Sunshine
  • TAN


*RTD Bus schedules have reopened, but will still be limited until Thursday.

Read below for the latest RTD updates for Monday June 1st:

  • No bus or rail service to or from downtown, including Union Station and Civic Center Station, both are closed
  • Two dozen bus routes will be detoured around downtown
  • The L line on light rail is stopped, the H line will run to the 10th/Osage Station and the C, E and W lines are running to the Empower Field at Mile High Station
  • The University of Colorado A Line will run from Central Park to Denver International Airport
  • The B Line will run between Westminster and 41st/Fox
  • The G Line will run between Ward and 41st/Fox

*RTD will monitor the situation and determine when service to the downtown area will be restored.

RTD bus route information courtesy of The Denver Post.