SEIU Local 105 Office Update

Without question, the COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented in modern times.

We wanted to provide our members with an update in an incredibly fast-developing crisis on how we will be operating for the next two weeks at SEIU 105, after which we will re-evaluate depending on the situation. Just yesterday, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock ordered the closure of all restaurants, bars, and other entertainment venues for the next eight weeks; allowing only take-out, drive-thru, and delivery. Also, the Federal Government has issued new guidelines recommending no group gatherings of more than ten people.

Our goal with these changes is to minimize exposure risk to our staff and our members and be a leading organization in protecting the public health during this crisis, while continuing to represent our members well.

We’ve asked staff to work from home as much as possible during the next two weeks and to minimize face to face contact with members as much as possible to minimize member & staff exposure.

We’ve asked staff to do needed meetings with members as much as possible over the phone or using Zoom and prohibited large member face to face meetings. For smaller face to face meetings that are absolutely necessary, we’ve asked that we meet in larger spaces where members can maintain the recommended 6 feet of distance between people.

We are also closing the SEIU 105 offices, both on Alameda and in Aurora.

We will continue to do the representation, organizing, and meet the other needs of our members during this challenging time. But, for example, you can expect to work with our staff much more over the phone, via text, e-mail, and online. You may continue to contact your Steward, your Organizer, and we also have the following phone lines set up as well:

Airport Member Line 303-727-8074  
Healthcare Member Line 303-727-8018
Property Service Member Line 303-727-8066

We will also continue publicly advocating for the needs of working people during this time: paid sick leave, income/wage replacement for workers who lose their jobs or hours, housing protections, healthcare so anyone that needs testing and treatment can get it, proper training, supplies, and Personal Protective Equipment, and others issues to ensure working people are protected from COVID-19 as much as possible and the economic fallout.   

Our union will get through this crisis and we appreciate your understanding, flexibility, and leadership during this very challenging time.