105 Lobby Day Focuses on Raising the Wage!


Kaiser Permanente members and 105 staff visit with State Representative Crisanta Duran during a visit to the State House floor – March 13, 2014

SEIU Local 105’s annual state legislative lobby day was a big hit on Thursday, March 13, 2014 with members and legislators alike. Over 40 SEIU members attended the day from across both industries: healthcare and property services.

The theme of the day was Income Inequality and focused on raising the minimum wage. Members learned about wage theft and workers compensation bills that are currently being debated in the state legislature and how they will affect working families.  In addition, SEIU members helped advocate a state legislative resolution on the minimum wage which came up for a vote on Lobby day.


G’anise “Miss G” Tipton, a member at DIA had this to say, “I make twice as much as the minimum wage and still can’t afford to live. We have to make the economy work for everyone.”

The resolution debate on raising the wage became contentious and members had a front row view of the spectacle during their visit to the state house floor as guests of State Represenative Tracy Kraft-Tharp.

“It was enlightening watching the debate,” said Roxanne Rice, a member at Kaiser. “We had too many people sitting and watching and not getting up and working to defend workers.”

Following a morning spent listening to debate on the Raise the Wage resolution, member leaders headed downstairs for a press conference to bring attention to the need to raise the wage. The action packed day continued into a march to a local McDonald’s where the #raisethewage action continued.

“It’s exciting to think we can bring real change to our State Capitol,” said Sharon Davies, a KP steward. “We know that by lifting workers voices at the Captiol we are stronger.”