Demand an end to family separation at our borders

Tearing children away from their parents’ arms at our border is a cruel and immoral act by the Trump Administration. When a government does this, it terrorizes those children and their parents. The United States of America has typically condemned these kinds of actions by other governments. We cannot tolerate this action by our own government and I condemn it.

Call this number and you will be connected to your members of Congress. Tell them to demand an end to child separation at our borders: 1-844-588-4318.

Standing up against this injustice should be the easy part. What’s more difficult, but just as necessary, is to call out the actions by politicians who hurt everyone by handing kickbacks to the wealthy, defunding our schools, and threatening our seniors with cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Then they turn around and point the finger for our hard times at immigrants, people of color, and poor people.

4The inhumane separation of children from their families is consistent with numerous policies and statements by the Trump Administration to do just this. We need to join together with people from all walks of life to demand an end to this injustice.

We also need to join together across racial lines and demand an end to scapegoating and to fight for a better life for all of us. We’ll do it with solidarity– just like we did in past times to win better wages, safer workplaces, and civil rights. When we do this, we can elect better leaders who work for all of us, not just the wealthy few.

Our union of more than 7,500 employees in Colorado is diverse and beautiful — just like America. Our members are united in joining together to demand—and win—a better life, a secure future, and a government and economy that works for all of us. We take hope and inspiration from those who came before– the activists, workers and change-makers who demanded a better America and won many important victories and freedoms. We believe in solidarity, compassion, and justice. It is time that we all join together again to win a better future and reject scapegoating by some politicians and their greedy lobbyist backers. We are stronger together.

In unity,

Ron Ruggiero
SEIU Local 105 President