President Announces Plan to Keep Families Together

keep families together

Check out who qualifies here: immigration-relief-1pager-2014-11-21

White House info on Admin Action here: WH Fact Sheet cover – Final 11202014

On Thursday, November 20th, President Obama announced Administrative Action on Immigration Reform which will help over 90,000 Coloradans update their legal status temporarily and continue to stay with their families.

105 President Ron Ruggiero stated, “This has been a historic day that will keep families from being ripped apart and improve our economy by bringing millions of workers out of the legal shadows and prevent exploitation by bad bosses. But, we must keep fighting for a long-term, comprehensive immigration reform to lift all out of the shadows.”

Local 105 celebrated and helped educate the community on the President’s actions through a watch party Thursday night during the announcement and a press conference with partner organizations on Friday, November 21st.

Members and family interested in finding out more can go to our SEIU website: www.iamerica.org (website available in multiple languages) or by calling 303.727.8028.