Aurora Elections November 5th!

The Aurora elections are fast approaching, make sure your voice is heard and VOTE on November 5th!

Together we raised wages, held leaders accountable, and won better working conditions for workers across Colorado. Janitors, healthcare, and airport workers defended and fought for strong union contracts and WON.

Over the past year, workers have had significant victories in job security and better conditions for working families. Union members put in the work to elect a union majority in the Denver City Council, and they are now proposing a historic minimum wage increase for the entire city of Denver. Now it’s time to do the same thing in Aurora!

The way that we keep building power is by electing people who stand with us. We want sharp leaders who will be #UnionsForAll champions and will fight for working families in our communities. Fight for better wages, dignity in the workplace, and for our families.

For these reasons, together we believe that the following candidates will stand with working people in Aurora:

SEIU Local 105 Endorsed Candidates

  • Omar Montgomery, City of Aurora Mayor
  • Juan Marcano, City Council – Ward 4
  • Alison Coombs, City Council – Ward 5
  • Bryan Lindstrom, City Council – Ward 6

Check out our volunteer opportunities calendar below!

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