KP: National Agreement RATIFIED!

The Tentative National Agreement Received an Overwhelming YES Vote from Local 105 Members

One of many Ratification Meetings.
One of many Ratification Meetings.

After four weeks of ratification votes held across every Colorado Kaiser facility, the count is in. We’re happy to announce that it’s official: the tentative National Agreement received an overwhelming YES vote from Local 105 members.

Over a THOUSAND Local 105 members voted, making this a record turnout for a Local 105 Kaiser Contract Ratification. Clearly, Local 105 members are more engaged and active than ever before in charting the future of what it means to work at Kaiser. Out of 1,037 ballots cast, over 99% of voters cast their ballot in support of the new National Agreement! That’s incredible, and a sure sign of how significant the improvements to retiree healthcare, dental coverage, life insurance, and education benefits in the Agreement really are.

Check out what people have to say about the results:

“This resounding YES vote on the new Kaiser agreement speaks to the power of our union and our Coalition in negotiating such a strong contract that protected our benefits, rights, and made a major improvement on Retiree Medical. We know we need to keep building our union and organizing other healthcare employees in Colorado so we can make even greater progress in our next contract, including the need to deal with the high cost of living in Colorado. Finally, I want to thank our Bargaining Team, our Stewards and CATs, and our members for all the work they did in negotiating this agreement and building a stronger union.”

Ron Ruggiero
President of SEIU Local 105 &
Bargaining Team member

“It was exciting to be a part of the bargaining team for the first time. I’m thrilled to see that our membership turned out in such large numbers to approve this fantastic new National Agreement.”

Becky Torres
Vice President of SEIU Local 105,
Contract Specialist, and Bargaining Team member

“This is a great agreement, and the fact that so many 105 members were engaged and involved helped to win it. I’m proud to be part of such a strong and active Union, and encourage all 105 members to continue to stay engaged in our Union as we move forward to face new challenges.”

Shelly Fowlkes
Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU Local 105,
LMP Liason, and Bargaining Team member

Members from Franklin-Skyline
Members from Franklin-Skyline

Other Coalition unions still have to finish up their ratification votes as well, but after that process is completed, the new National Agreement will go into effect on October 1, 2015

Congratulations to all Local 105 members who did their surveys, supported their Bargaining Team with sticker up days, and came out in force to vote to approve the Agreement. Your involvement was a big part of this victory!

-Wendy, Tia, and Stephen (your Local 105 staff team)