New By-laws Approved! Executive Board Election Process Begins


This past Saturday we moved our Local union forward re-energized, re-focused and re-engaged to build power for our members. The new proposed by-laws meeting and vote this weekend shows that members believe in the direction we are moving.

Local 105 Trustee Ron Ruggiero said, “The approval of our bylaws on Saturday represents a huge step forward for our Local in building a stronger union and to emerge from Trusteeship early next year.  I applaud the dedicated work of the ULOC Members who worked hard to revise our bylaws to have a stronger member voice in our union, forge a unified Local, and bring more democracy and accountability to our union.  These are the values that are critical for us to have a great union.  I also want to thank all the members who came out to vote on a frigid day—the overwhelming nature of the vote shows that the ULOC did a great job in making recommendations that made sense to our membership.”

The new by-laws passed almost unanimously with 99% of the members voting approving the changes.

These changes include:

  •  Establishing a clear vision of unity and purpose of our union
  •  Strengthening the democracy, transparency and accountability within
  •  Expanding the numbers on the Executive Board
  • Adding a new Vice-President for Property Services and for Healthcare

The approval of these by-laws now allows us to go into the next phase of moving out of trusteeship and towards electing our new executive board and president.

If you are interested in running for the new executive board, you can pick up a copy of the nomination forms and rules at the Local 105 Union office at 2525 W. Alameda Ave, Denver, CO 80219. For questions, call: 303-698-7963.

Nomination forms are due January 10, 2014.

Once nominations are, we will move forward with the election process for a new Local 105 executive board.

The Executive Board election will be held from February 19- March 7th, 2014 and will be conducted primarily via website and phone voting. We will have in-person voting at the Union hall offices, Saturday, March 1st and through the following week from Monday, March 3rd through Friday, March 7th, 2014.