PRESS RELEASE: SEIU Local 105 Launches Working People’s Platform

SEIU Local 105 Launches Working People’s Platform

Three of the Four Democratic Candidates for Governor have Signed on to the Platform

Denver, CO – Last week, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 105 launched the Working People’s Platform. The Working People’s Platform consists of seven tenets that lift up the goals and recognize the struggles of working people in Colorado and our nation. The platform contains principles that support the development of an economy and a democracy that works for all Colorado families, not just the wealthy. It also focuses on creating a Colorado where everyone can thrive regardless of the circumstances they were born into. Three of the four Democratic candidates running for Governor have signed on to the platform including Michael Johnston, Cary Kennedy, and Congressman Jared Polis.

“This platform is the result of the hard work of several organizations and Colorado workers to identify our priorities and the critical issues families across the state are facing,” said member Mike Howard who helped develop the platform. “By signing this pledge these candidates are showing their support for things like fair wages, affordable healthcare and housing, racial justice and acknowledging the value that union’s bring to workers and communities. We need politicians that will publicly stand up for our rights and our values, and that’s the kind of candidates we will be voting for in this upcoming election.”

While Colorado’s economy is growing, it’s not benefiting everyone. Despite record corporate profits, most Coloradans are making less than they were ten years ago after inflation. The cost of living in the state has sky rocketed and rent is rising about six times as quickly as wages. The Working People’s Platform came together over the past year through a collaborative effort between coalition members. The group crafted a platform that champions workers’ rights and encompasses the values and issues most relevant to working people across our state and our nation. The platform includes priorities like higher wages, racial justice, immigrant justice, access to affordable healthcare and housing, a clean environment and the right to form a union.

Candidates that signed the Working People’s Platform have pledged to fight for working people and support their right to organize a union or other form of worker organization. The pledge also includes supporting a locally driven minimum wages and for policies that address longstanding economic barriers faced by people of color.

Coalition members will be asking other candidates for office across the state to stand up for workers and families by signing on to the Working People’s Platform Pledge. Colorado needs legislators who are willing to speak up for working people, such as the home care aides, airport security employees, custodians, clinicians, and countless others who make up SEIU Local 105’s membership. All four of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates will face questions on issues related to the platform at a Governor’s Forum this Saturday.

SEIU Local 105 is an organization of 7,500 workers in Colorado.  The organization is committed to supporting the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide and dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families. SEIU Local 105 is part of the Service Employees International Union, the fastest growing union in North America with a membership of 2.2 million.