Work That Needs Doing

Show Congress the Big Picture.  Share a Photo of Work That Needs Doing.

See work that needs doing such as giant potholes, crumbling bridges, or schools in disrepair?  Wonder why no one is doing it?  Wonder why some in Congress are slashing budgets and killing jobs when it’s clear we could put American’s back to work by fixing our failing infrastructure. 

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then we need your help!  It’s time we show members of Congress the true state of their districts by showing them all the work that needs doing.

Let’s send Congress a message!  Can you take a picture of a job that needs doing in Colorado? Roads, bridges, schools, dams, any infrastructure we should be putting people back to work repairing will do.

The unemployed and underemployed can’t wait any longer.  Congress should act NOW to put America back to work.  Help us make sure Congress get’s the big picture.