Urban Peak Announcement

We were all disappointed to hear that Urban Peak isn’t willing to provide us with an annual raise this year even though we believe they are required under federal labor law. We have requested paystubs for bargaining unit members going back to 2021 to confirm that we have, in fact, received raises every year around this time and must receive them again. If that is the case and UP refuses to provide us raises, we will enforce our rights under the National Labor Relations Act and make our voices heard at the bargaining table. 

As of now UP is claiming that they haven’t given raises annually, but the paystubs will be cold, hard proof. By withholding our raises, UP is trying to assess our strength and divide us. They likely want to delay a raise until after our November 8th shop unification election to make delayed raises look like it’s the Union’s fault. If we don’t unify the shop, they’ll give us a pittance or maybe nothing at all. If we have the strength to stick together, we’ll be able to force the raises and bargain for a fair contract.

Even if UP didn’t legally have to provide raises (which we believe isn’t the case), the Union has agreed to accept annual raises making UP’s excuse moot. The Union isn’t telling the Organization that they can’t pay us more – that’s just an excuse to get more leverage against us. 

Through our request for information, we as your bargaining team, are working to open a clear channel of communication with management and get them to stop delaying our raises. We need your support to do so, however. Stand with us, unify the shop, and ask management why they’re gaslighting us and denying us our annual raise.


Your Bargaining Team