MHCD Vision Statement

We, the Workers of MHCD, strive to achieve social, economic, and environmental justice for working people, mental health workers, and the people we serve. Justice for mental health workers includes respect; fair, livable wages; reasonable workload and work/life balance; and worker safety.

We the workers support people of all identities, backgrounds, cultures and religions. We strive to be a diverse and equitable union and workforce, by continuously learning, practicing, and encouraging our managers to provide the space for discussions to facilitate learning. We have to positively challenge ourselves, our coworkers, and our leadership’s beliefs and practices, by encouraging ALL to take action and be a part of changing all levels of our current oppressive system, which also includes taking responsibility and accountability for our own role in perpetuating injustice.

We believe that reform of the systems we live and work in is fundamental for achieving justice. We will push for housing reform to address our homelessness and affordable housing crises, transparency and equity of our tax dollars and funding of social programming, and placing social programs as a priority over the enforcement of discriminatory laws that harm the people we serve.

At MHCD we will be respected and compensated as professionals while building a collaborative relationship with the management of MHCD for the benefit of the community and the people we serve. We demand honest, transparent, and respectful communication from our employer regarding our work, the organization’s finances, and executive compensation. We will achieve racial and social equity at all levels of the organization.

Because caring for others requires caring for ourselves, we will build a powerful collective voice as workers through improved participation and communication within our union. As union members we will carry forward the legacy built before us that has united and empowered workers at MHCD.