Our 2024 WellPower Tentative Agreement Summary

Article 2 – Discrimination – We achieved added protections against discrimination on the basis of body feeding; medical status; HIV Status; reproductive choices; body weight; as well as that the employer will assist people in obtaining immigration paperwork and will honor degrees from credible institutions in other countries.

Article 3 – Definitions – we achieved an eval period of 4 months instead of 6 months. We made clear that all part time employees get prorated holiday pay.

Article 4 – Union representation – We achieved greater protections for stewards around productivity requirements and attending meetings.

Article 5 – Lunches, Breaks, and Scheduling – We achieved protections for your ability to take uninterrupted lunches and breaks. For overnight residential positions that are allowed to sleep, their uninterrupted sleep period is now six hours instead of five. Incentive pay for picking up shifts changes to $40 for six hours and $100 for a twelve or more hour shift. If employees pick up ten shifts in one quarter they receive a $1000 bonus or five shifts in one quarter for $500. Stronger guarantees that open shifts go to union members.

Article 6 – Discipline – We achieved a truly progressive discipline process with stronger protections for workers.

Article 8 – Grievance and Arbitration – We achieved stronger language to prevent management from refusing to engage in the arbitration process.

Article 9 – Seniority – We achieved a longer period of time that employees can return to WellPower after leaving the bargaining unit and retain their seniority and/or pay.

Article 11 – Layoffs – If a layoff ever had to happen, we have achieved a clarified timeline for the process and ensured that your seniority will be honored.

Article 12 – Time Off – We achieved access to an additional wellbeing day. We have increased the total possible days off to 12 outside of PTO. PTO accrual will begin at hire and be able to use it as you earn it. You can now bank 150% of your PTO up from 125%. Bereavement can be extended past five days for travel outside the country. Apartment managers are now free to engage in lawful activity off the clock.

Article 13 – Safety – We have achieved a method for workers addressing a wide variety of safety concerns with their managers, and if the manager does not mitigate the situation, the issue may be brought to a higher level. Management must inform workers about filing workers compensation claims due to both physical injuries and mental impairment due to a psychologically traumatic event.

Article 15 – Workload – Management has agreed to communicate with staff regarding recommended caseload sizes for all levels of care. If management changes that number, they must give their rationale for the change. If the employer assigns a few more people to your caseload, they must do so in a manner that is equitable with your coworkers, safe, and reasonable. You can refuse to provide support for tasks outside your job description.

Article 18 – Education – Ensured that WellPower offered trainings will not require any use of PTO. Additional trainings specifically requested by the employee will max out at 24 hours of paid education leave. We increased tuition to reimbursement to 4K per person with a total of 75K, up from 50K, max per year for the entire bargaining unit.

Article 19 – Benefits – Premiums for health insurance will remain the same and will continue to remain the same on the condition that we all sign up for and use Nice Care, which costs $0.

Article 20 – Mileage, transportation, and personal property – Increased the insurance reimbursement from $275 to $300 per six months. We expanded the car detailing reimbursement to include vehicle maintenance and deductible, and increased the amount from $100 to $200 annually. The employer will now cover damage to your property sustained while on duty even if it was damage off WellPower property. Community based employees will be issued a work cell phone and no employee will be required to use their personal phone for any work purposes other than the okta app.

Article 21 – Wages – We collaborated to create more equity within wage scale groupings. If you know where your placement is currently on the wage scale you can look at the updated scales USING THIS LINK and see where you will land over the next three years.

Article 26 – Law – We strengthened the requirement for the employer to follow the law.

Appendix A – Wage Scales and diffs & contracts – The apartment managers will bargain a lease with management for their housing each year going forward and will make at least minimum wage. The AON differential will now be $3/hr for everyone. DBT and EMDR differentials begin as soon as the person is certified. The employer will not make direct deals with staff.