Victory! Airport Janitors Win!

VICTORY! Three hundred and fifty of our Denver airport Janitors have won a strong agreement with historic wage increases!

Going on strike is never easy. It’s the most powerful action that workers can take, but It’s a massive sacrifice. This weekend, Janitors at Denver International Airport, the folks who keep it clean and safe, stood united and made that sacrifice together…and it paid off.

Within 12 hours of going on strike this past Saturday, the janitors and their contractor Flagship came to an agreement. This agreement contains significant workload protections, as well as raises of $4/hr over the next three years. 

That means that these Janitors will receive up to a 23% RAISE! That’s historic. That’s money for families. That’s power for our communities. That’s a win for all essential workers, and a step forward to a better airport for everyone.

Here’s what you can do to share this important victory:

For the past two years, these Janitors have been called heroes. They’ve been called essential, but they haven’t been treated like it. That had to change. They came to the table, they lobbied their city and the airport, they went on strike, and they won! That’s the power of workers joining together. 

Thank you for taking action and standing in solidarity with our union family. This is a victory for all of us, together, as an even stronger SEIU Local 105!

¡Cuando luchamos, ganamos!